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2018 Hong Kong International CRE & Innovation Expo June 14-15

2018 Hong Kong International CRE & Innovation Expo June 14-15 Event on 2018-06-14 09:00:00 Hong Kong International CRE & Innovation Expo Hong Kong International CRE & Innovation Leadership Expo is aiming at providing a cross industry platform for enterprises to “open up, communicate and collaborate”, to expand oversea markets, build up regular communication, achieve collaboration, improve … Continue reading

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Basics Of Mechanical Gears

Almost everyone in this world must be aware of this word “gear”. At the least in any of our basic amenities of our life we must have been using gears in one form or the other. Whichever component or device which we use in our day to day life has a spinning part then it … Continue reading

Master Personal Finance Basics

Managing your money effectively provides incredible rewards in your life, including more free time to pursue your interests, better means to help your loved ones, travel etc. Yet I am constantly surprised at how many people have not been taught the rudiments of finance, the personal finance basics that if followed undoubtedly lead to increase … Continue reading

Marine Batteries: The Basics

With so many months of warmth and sunshine it is only natural that you should want to get away and enjoy a day on the water. There is nothing quite as relaxing as being out on the water in your pleasure boat with the wind blowing through your hair. However, too often boaters have found … Continue reading