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Sources Of Life Insurance Information

These days, you have to secure yourself not only on the present events but also the future ones. You cannot assure yourself that you will be safe every day at work, school, home, etc. Any unfortunate events can happen anytime and you better be prepared for it. That is by getting life insurance. This is … Continue reading

Life Insurance Agent – My Broom Broke So I Became A Women’s Premium Tee T-Shirt

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End of Life Planning

End of Life Planning Event on 2017-11-14 12:00:00 Quentara Costa is a solo practitioner focused on delivering fee-for-service financial planning. Her company, POWWOW LLCĀ (https://powwowllc.com/about/) specializes in elder care planning, primarily by helping families transition loved ones into assisted and nursing facilities. In doing this, Quentara can also work with the family on goal planning options. … Continue reading

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